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Will thought perhaps it seemed he had never been in such a dire situation, at least not alone, backed into a corner of an old abandoned farmhouse kitchen and facing three raving mad vampires. Rust-colored saliva dripped from their extended fangs, and an evil glint shone in each eye.  They seemed to believe they had him cornered as well.

Several of their undead comrades lay destroyed and scattered about on the floor of the kitchen, burning piles of ash and debris.  Searing flames slowly spread along the dried wooden walls, threatening to engulf the entire structure at any moment.

The remaining three vampires were goaded on by their desire for revenge and the promise of what appeared to be an imminent kill. It was true that the human had slain several of their own earlier, but now that their prey was cornered, the depraved creatures found the smell of the lifeblood circulating in the boy’s veins to be overwhelming.

The blood was the source of their sustenance and strength, its scent clouded their minds with anticipation, and its primal urgency beckoned to them, blotting out all other considerations. Little else mattered now beyond the nearness of the blood, and the predators would not hold back much longer.

Will had no real fear for himself, though, at least not from the vampires.  As soon as these three came a little closer, they would discover his true identity.  At that point Eric would show up, and they would realize they were the ones truly trapped.

Will and Eric had played this bait and switch game many times before.  However, Eric was late tonight, and it wouldn’t be long before the entire farmhouse caught fire and burned itself to oblivion.  Although the vampires posed no real threat, the fire did, and Will did not relish the thought of burning alive.  He felt certain his service to The Name was not yet complete, so if Eric did not arrive soon, he would be forced to reveal himself to the slavering undead corpses presently preparing to feed on him.  Then he could try to find a way around them and out of the house.

Suddenly a thunderous roar interrupted Will’s thoughts.  A tall dark figure wielding an impossibly huge blade exploded through the splintered back door and across the kitchen.  On cue, all three vampires turned, instinctively drawn toward the unexpected sound of threat.  In the time they took to react, Eric’s sword swung, decapitating the nearest vampire.  Its severed head landed on the floor with a disturbing thud before collapsing into flame along with the torso, which struck the ground a short second later.

The two remaining creatures were taken aback, partly out of shock and partly because they immediately perceived that Eric was a vampire, too.  Temporary confusion gave way to rage as they tried to process why this stranger would kill one of their own.

Eric took advantage of this momentary spasm of doubt to decapitate the second frozen vampire.  The last remaining member of the undead trio had by this time turned back to Will, only to find himself face to face with the tall boy who moments before had been cowering in the corner.  Now the light from the spreading flames climbed the nearby wall, clearly illuminating Will’s face.

Even as the vampire reached forward to grab his prey, his hands stopped abruptly when he saw the boy’s forehead clearly and realized Will’s true nature.  He recoiled involuntarily as Eric seized him from behind, the steely inhuman grip of Eric’s hands holding him captive like a vice.

Realizing he was caught, the vampire began to splutter and cry out to Eric.  “I am one of you, why have you put us to death for this human trash?” he pleaded, attempting to lunge at Will.   “He may be sealed by The Name, but we can let the fire destroy him.”  His eyes bulged widely in panic.

With lightning speed, Eric slammed his forehead into the back of the captive vampire’s head, causing the latter to scream in agony.  “I am not one of you, and I have no interest in joining you.”

Recovering somewhat and regaining some of his composure, the prisoner stared from the boy to the vampire holding him from behind.  Speaking quickly in a placating voice, he appealed again to Eric:  “Then you are a rogue.  Come with me, and my master will allow you to join our coven.  All is not lost for you.  My master is powerful.  Otherwise, when he learns of your trespass, he will slay you and this boy.  There are human pledges who will gladly kill him for us.”  He stared in revulsion at Will.

Again a powerful head butt was delivered from behind, and tissue fluid sprayed from the battered skull, glistening briefly in the firelight.  “Tell us about your master.  We would very much like to find and meet him.”  Eric spoke slowly, sarcasm dripping from every word.  The vampire, still weak from the repeated blows to his head, began to laugh maniacally.

Will frowned at Eric.  “He is of no more use to us.  We need to finish him and get out of here before this place burns down.” He glanced anxiously at the spreading fire, coughing.  The smoke was beginning to choke him, and the searing heat from the flames at his back was becoming unbearable.  He wouldn’t be able to stand it much longer.

Before the vampire could respond further, the point of Eric’s sword thrust through his chest.  Sputtering and spinning, the flaming corpse fell to the floor, adding to the gathering furnace.


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Excerpt Posted May 27, 2015 by Jason K Macomson